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The perfect, ecofriendly preparation for TDC

HYDRO™MouldEx is pH neutral and biodegradable, specifically formulated to stop the growth of mould, lichen, moss, algae etc. Its formula allows for usage on almost any surface and protects it. The penetrating action of HYDRO™MouldEx will inhibit long-term re-growth. HYDRO™MouldEx is highly concentrated, (industrial strength, 1:10) to allow rapid action in speeding up the breakdown of the growth and when in bond with the substrate will prevent any new growth. The perfect substrate preparation for HYDRO™TDC coatings.

Other mould removers work on the highly volatile sodium hydrochlorite base as in your normal 'bleach' products. They can create major health problems and chemical reactions to the substrate and can cause problems in concrete, stone or mineral surfaces,


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